Lock&Seal security tag STRAP

Strap is an Indicator-type of Security Seals with mono-block body. It is used to lock small and light objects and where it is not required to use the Power-type of seals. Produced by an ISO:9000 certified manufacturer.


  • The blocking element (steel nipple) is safely corrugated inside the seal, which excludes the possibility of opening without leaving visible traces and its repeated installation.
  • The installation does not require special abilities or equipment.
  • Large surface available for marking with extended opportunity for customisation: client logo, bar-code, 2-D code and large volume of text.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: polyethylene.
  • Dimensions 208х26х6,5 mm. Diameter of the blocking element – 2,4 mm., length 220 mm.
  • Continuous operation at the temperatures: -40°С - +60°С.
  • The blocking system –nipple - is made from stainless steel.
  • Weight – 2,7 gr.

It is possible to apply the client’s logo and code on the body. Depending on font size, the number of characters may vary. The marking and printing of the logo can be made in 2 ways: laser marking (in black) or pad printing (multi-colour). Also it is possible to apply the barcode and the 2-D code.

The products are packed in plastic bags of 100 pieces each, and in cardboard boxes of 1000 pieces. Packaging weight – 3,2kg.

All items are supplied with our LOGO, numeration and standard cable length; the colour may differ from one on the picture and depends on stock availability. Single items are supplied from “SAMPLE” stock without numeration.
Customised products could be supplied for quantities over 2,000 pcs per variation (type, colour, cable length, etc.) and could include your LOGO and numeration. Please note, for customised products it could take 2-4 weeks to complete the order and depends on the quantity (bigger order may increase the priority).