Lock&Seal security tag SCUT-SUPER

Scut-Super is an Indicator-type of Security Seal, distinguished by a high degree of resistance to unauthorised actions due to its mono-block design. The seal has no analogues on its security level and is unique in its class. Produced by an ISO:9000 certified manufacturer.


  • The one-piece design excludes the possibility of opening without leaving visible traces.
  • Installation is easy, doesn't require special skills or tools.
  • Possibility to apply the 2D code type Data Matrix or QR-code.
  • The interior mechanism (Rotating part) could be turned only clockwise, thus making it impossible to extract the cable after the seal installation.
  • The transparent housing offers the possibility to verify the proper installation and unauthorized actions.
  • The numbers and other symbols printed on the seal components are protected by plastic, which excludes any mechanic action on it.
  • Possibility to install the RFID chip.

Technical specifications

  • The material used for housing is PET, the insertion (Rotating part) is made from polystyrene.
  • Flexible galvanized cable, diameter 0.6-0.7 mm and length 250 mm is used by default.On client request, the seals could be delivered with cable from stainless steel or plastic coated steel. The length as well could be adjusted on request.
  • Dimensions: 22х24,5х15,4 mm.
  • The weight with a standard cable length is 3 gr.
  • The seal is resistant to climatic changes, it continues to function within the temperature ranges: from -50°С to +50°С


  • The marking is made by laser printing on 2 sides: First side of the seal could contain an inscription of 7 digits and 2 rows of 5 characters each; on the other side an inscription of 7 and 5 digits in 2 rows.
  • At the client’s request, it is possible to mark an inscription formed of 11 letters with a height of up to 2 mm.
  • Instead of the inscription, it is possible to apply the logo of the client.
  • As well, it is possible to apply a 2 – D Data Matrix code or QR-code.
  • The number application can also be done in 4 ways:
  • Applying the number only on the front plaque;
  • Applying the number on the front plaque and on the housing;
  • Applying the number on the front plaque and on the prominent part of the insert;
  • Applying the number on the front plaque, on the housing and on the prominent part of the housing.

The products are packed in plastic bags of 100 pieces each, or in cardboard boxes of 1000 pieces.

All items are supplied with our LOGO, numeration and standard cable length; the colour may differ from one on the picture and depends on stock availability. Single items are supplied from “SAMPLE” stock without numeration.
Customized products could be supplied for quantities over 2,000 pcs per variation (type, colour, cable length, etc.) and could include your LOGO and numeration. Please note, for customized products it could take 2-4 weeks to complete the order and depends on the quantity (bigger order may increase the priority).